A new logo for EasyBuild (2022-11-14)

On 13 November 2022, it was exactly 10 years ago that EasyBuild v1.0 was released.

This called for a celebration. Or perhaps, something more than that...
Maybe it was time for something new, to refresh a particular aspect of EasyBuild that was due refreshing.
What if we could evolve a part of EasyBuild that could be significantly improved, and make the project look a bit more professional?
How about... a new logo?

The original logo

In the process of publicly releasing EasyBuild in 2012, we came up with a logo ourselves. After a lot of discussion (and a couple of strong Belgian beers), we ended up with a logo "design" on a whiteboard. One of our team members took a picture of it, and traced it to obtain a vectorized version of it. There, we had our logo:

Not bad for a couple of semi-drunk Belgians, right?


We didn't just want any new EasyBuild logo: we wanted a fitting one, one that was easy to recognize.
And if this time it didn't look like it was drawn by a 5-year old, that was a plus, of course...

So, we defined a couple of requirements for the new logo:

We quickly realised this was a daunting task for anyone who has little to no experience in graphics design, which (clearly...) includes us, so this time we hired some professional help.

The result

A couple of weeks ago, an initial design of a new logo was presented to us. It was not a an immediate success, which did not surprise us since it was difficult to disconnect ourselves from the original logo after using it for over a decade.
After iterating over the initial design a bit by tweaking various aspects of it, and collecting feedback from a couple of individuals, we ended up with a new EasyBuild logo that had our full support.

The new logo clearly meets the requirements we defined:

Next to these intentional design aspects, a couple of additional characteristics can be recognized, with a bit of imagination: Everything combined, this new logo is a great fit for EasyBuild, and it respects both the key aspects and the history of the project.
The initial feedback has been very positive, and we are extremely happy with how this whole ordeal worked out.

High-resolution and vectorized versions of the (old and) new EasyBuild logo are available at https://github.com/easybuilders/easybuild/tree/develop/logo.