6th EasyBuild User Meeting (Jan 25-29 2021, online)

Group picture at 5th EasyBuild User Meeting (2020) (group picture from 5th EasyBuild User Meeting in Barcelona (Jan'20)

EasyBuild is a software build and installation framework that allows you to manage (scientific) software on High Performance Computing (HPC) systems in an efficient way.

The EasyBuild User Meeting is an open and highly interactive event that provides a great opportunity to meet fellow EasyBuild enthusiasts, discuss related topics and learn about new aspects of the tool. It is intended for people that are already familiar with EasyBuild, ranging from occasional users to EasyBuild core developers and experts, and topics will be less introductory in nature than during EasyBuild hackathons/workshops that have been organized in the past. The program includes presentations by both EasyBuild users and developers, as well as talks about open source projects relevant to the EasyBuild community.

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Practical information

The 6th EasyBuild User Meeting will be held online, during the week of Mon-Fri Jan 25-29 2021.

Attendance is free of cost. This is an open meeting, anybody interested is welcome to join.

Zoom & YouTube

All presentations will be given live at the time listed in the agenda via Zoom sessions, and live streaming will be available via the EasyBuild YouTube channel. We intend to record all sessions, and will make the recordings available shortly after the live presentations.

A YouTube playlist collecting all live streams for EUM'21 is available here.

Attendees will be able to join Zoom sessions for interactive discussions with the speakers.
Note that only registered attendees will have access to the Zoom sessions!

Q&A via #eum channel in EasyBuild Slack

Next to raising questions or comments in the Zoom session, you can also submit questions via the #eum channel in the EasyBuild Slack. Comments in YouTube have been disabled for the live streaming events.

If you are not logged in to the EasyBuild Slack yet, you can create an account via https://easybuild.io/join-slack.


Registration for EUM'21, and the CernVM-FS and ReFrame tutorials, is now closed!

Only registered attendees are able to join the Zoom sessions and engage with the speakers and other attendees during live Q&A and discussions, and get access to the cloud resources provided for the CernVM-FS and ReFrame tutorials.

If you would still like to join one of the Zoom sessions, please contact eum@lists.ugent.be.



The 6th EasyBuild User Meeting consists of several sessions spread over the week of Jan 25-29 2021. Please note that all times are in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)!

We intentionally left ample time in between talks to allow for Q&A, interactive discussions, switching between speakers and breaks.


Mon Jan 25th 2021

Tue Jan 26th 2021

Wed Jan 27th 2021

Thu Jan 28th 2021

Fri Jan 29th 2021

CernVM-FS tutorial


Tutorial materials are available at https://cvmfs-contrib.github.io/cvmfs-tutorial-2021.

Practical info



ReFrame tutorial


Tutorial materials are available at




In case of questions, please contact eum@lists.ugent.be.